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A Dedication to Sport Volunteers

National Volunteer Week was celebrated April 18-24, 2021 and its theme was The Value of One, The Power of Many. I had every intention of writing a blog post that could highlight and commemorate such a week. When the time came to write that post, I had no inspiration to write on a specific topic. I was paralyzed by the realm of possibility. And so, this post comes three weeks late. It took three weeks, but I’ve realized what I want to say.

To sport volunteers: simply, thank you. Thank you for your blood, sweat, stress, and tears. Thank you for your persistence and resilience, in times when those were on short supply.

Thank you for drafting return to play plans, and then drafting them again, and again, and again.

Thank you for asking each and every question, and for seeking clarification to every fuzzy regulation.

There were many times when things were not clear. When answers weren’t abundant. When there were new rules, requirements, timelines.

Thank you for doing all of this work while you were managing yourselves, your work, your family, your things.

Thank you for continuing on, even when you felt like there was no point in doing so.

Thank you for thinking outside the box.

It’s been stressful. There have been sleepless nights. There has been unfair criticism.

We are so close to again sharing our love of sport. We are so close to experiencing joy, smiling and laughing, playing, competing, and feeling the sweat on our brow and the beat of our heart.

You will carry us through, and I appreciate that you’ve done your best.

Because of you, we still have and will soon get back to the power of sport. I value you, sport volunteers, and because of you, sport has the power of many.

Thank you.


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