Three Tips to Excel at Volunteer Appreciation

To clebrate National Volunteer Week, we're sharing three tips to excel at volunteer appreciation and ensure your volunteers are celebrated.
$ Questions for Discussing Long Term Vision

4 Questions for Discussing Long Term Vision

Aside from strategic planning, it's rare for sport and recreation organizations to engage in discussing its long term vision. This article offers four specific questions to help sport organizations engage in these discussions.
The Spark Solutions Logo on the left and a greyscale photo of a boardroom table on the right.

Get to Know Spark Solutions

Get to know Spark Solutions, Lara, who we work with, how we work with our clients, and what you can expect when you work with us.
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5 Ideas to Recruit New Participants To Your Sport

Read 5 ideas a sport organization could try to recruit new participants to their sports.
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Notable Moments of 2022

I share Spark Solutions' notable moments of 2022.
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Why Hire a Facilitator for Your Strategic Plan

If you are a sport organizer, this article shares 6 reasons why you should hire a facilitator for your strategic plan.
A man stands with his back to the camera on a path in the forest. The path Vs off in front of him, indicating two different paths. Clear is Kind. Spark Solutions.

Clear is Kind – A New Path Forward

I discuss how the philosophies of radical candour and clear is kind will create psychological safety on our teams to forage a new path forward.
A satisfaction scale with three measures - an unhappy face sitting on a fushia background, an ok face on a teal background, and then a happy face on a navy background. An arrow points to the happy face. Underneath, it says 'Treating Members as Clients'. Spark Solutions

How to Treat Members as Clients

This article identifies several ways we can treat members as clients to ensure that we deliver top customer service to keep our members satisfied.
Lara stands with one elbow on a table and her fist under her chin. She looks out the window, reflecting. Opportunities. Spark Solutions.

Identifying Opportunities, Even in the Darkness

We can find opportunities anywhere we look, even in the darkness. I describe how we can turn the Hockey Canada scandal into an opportunity to improve how we deliver sport.
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