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A young male stands with his back to the camera, holding a camera. They are wearing a red shirt that says "Volunteer" on the back and a red hat. Converting Youth Athletes to Volunteers. Spark Solutions.

Converting Youth Athletes to Volunteers

Many sport clubs struggle to find enough volunteers but have an untapped resource in youth athletes. This article offers 4 tips for consideration when converting youth athletes to volunteers.

A soccer ball laying on a soccer field. The KidSport logo is at the top of the graphic, and a government certificate of recognition is overlaid over the right side of the screen. KidSport. Spark Solutions.

Celebrating KidSport

The Article Discusses What KidSport Is, Why Sport Is Important For Kids And What KidSport Does So All Kids Can Play.

A team of trans athletes stand in a group on hockey ice. They wear blue and pink uniforms, helmets, and hockey equipment. Trans Athletes. Spark Solutions

Creating Better Sport Environments for Trans Athletes

Trans athletes often face exclusionary and discriminatory practices when participating in sport. This week we discuss some of the best practices sport organizations can implement to create more inclusive organizations for trans athletes.

A headline about Safe Sport. It says "National Sport Organization Safe Sport Working Group presents consensus statements on pan-Canadian Safe Sport as the prevention of abuse and harassment. Safe Sport. Spark Solutions.

What’s the Big Deal About Safe Sport

What’s the big deal about safe sport? This article digs into rampant concerns of abuse and hazing in sport and what the sport community is doing to create safe sport.

A person swims the butterfly down the lane of a pool. Spectators watch in the background. Participant-Centred Decision Making. Spark Solutions.

Participant-Centred Decision Making

Participant-centred decision making is a values based approach to running a sport organization. Learn more about this philosophy and where to begin with implementing it.

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