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$ Questions for Discussing Long Term Vision

4 Questions for Discussing Long Term Vision

Aside from strategic planning, it’s rare for sport and recreation organizations to engage in discussing its long term vision. This article offers four specific questions to help sport organizations engage in these discussions.

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Get to Know Spark Solutions

Get to know Spark Solutions, Lara, who we work with, how we work with our clients, and what you can expect when you work with us.

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How to Treat Members as Clients

This article identifies several ways we can treat members as clients to ensure that we deliver top customer service to keep our members satisfied.

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The Process of a Governance Review

This article details the process I take to conduct a governance review for sport organizations, so that they have what they need to make informed governance decisions.

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3 Reasons Small Sport Organizations Hire Consultants

Small sport organizations often believe they cannot afford a sport management consultant or that they don’t have enough going on to hire one, but consultants can help. This article discusses 3 reasons small sport organizations hire consultants to support their work.

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What I Learned from Quadrennial Debriefs

This fall, I supported the facilitation of quadrennial debriefs, the process that Olympic and Paralympic sports go through to evaluate their plans and performance results. I share three things I learned from going through this process.

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Defining Your Organization’s Long-Term Vision

Defining your organization’s long-term vision can anchor the direction of your club and help you appropriately plan for the future. This article discusses why it’s important and how you can do it.

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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

This week, I’m proudly celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Week (May 16-22) in Saskatchewan. As part of this celebration, I’m also thrilled

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Team Building in a Virtual World

This article shares the details of the virtual team building sessions Spark Solutions offers, including the virtual team building parties that celebrated the holidays.

A drawing of a person standing on one side of a cliff. A flag pole with a flag flying stands on the other side of the cliff. Strategic Plan. Spark Solutions.

From Dream to Strategic Plan

A strategic plan helps sport organizations go from dreams to reality. If you’re struggling to take projects from discussion to reality, start here.

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Spark Solutions: An Origin Story

From a tiny central Saskatchewan town to the Olympic stage in Sochi, Russia, I share some of the moments that have led to my desire to #sparkplay.

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