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Notable Moments of 2021

And just like that, it’s here: the end of 2021. 2021 has been another year full of ups and downs. Not as wild as 2021, but it’s almost been as eventful. As the year draws to a close, I present the second annual notable moments of 2021.

Betty-Ann Heggie’s Womentorship Program

It was a thrill to be part of the Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program through the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan for the first four months of the year. As part of the program, I got to participate in the MBTI personality test (where my ETNJs at??). There were 5 educational sessions which offered personal reflection and networking, relationship and laughter. I was paired with a mentor, the brilliant Ruth Kinzel, who provided one-on-one mentorship and invaluable advice. The whole experience was deeply enjoyable and I’m glad I had the opportunity to participate

Participating in Quadrennial & Tokyo Debriefs

Sheffe Consulting has been a preferred facilitator of National Sport Organizations’ quadrennial and Olympic and Paralympic debriefs for many years. This year I got to participate in the process first-hand, as well as the community wide debrief with Own the Podium. Regardless of whether it was a team or individual sport, small delegation or large delegation, or whether medals were won or performances fell short, each sport/discipline reflected on similar things and identified similar changes to implement for the future. Read this article to see what I learned.

Working with Clients In-Person

In October, I flew to Ontario and joined Nora, first in Hamilton, and then in Toronto, to facilitate sessions with clients, in-person. We held four focus groups with McMaster University’s Department of Surgery, to capture staff’s feedback to incorporate into their new strategic plan. We then worked with Athletics Canada for three days, to facilitate their quadrennial debrief and a team building session. It was great to spend time with Nora and her husband Joe after working together for over a year, and it was great to work with clients in-person, in what feels like an eternity. Zoom has been great but there’s just something about in-person meetings!

A Second Successful Year of Spark Solutions

After last year’s launch of Spark Solutions, my goal in 2021 was to pay my bills, for all 12 months, through my self-employed work. I’m proud to say, mission accomplished! It was great to see my business grow and to expand my client base. A special thanks to my clients in 2021 – ASTRA Soccer Academy, BC Soccer, Lakeland District for Sport, Culture & Recreation, NWT Soccer, Prairie Central District for Sport, Culture & Recreation, Rivers West District for Sport, Culture & Recreation, Sask Sport, Saskatchewan Soccer, Saskatoon Triathlon Club, South West District for Culture, Recreation & Sport, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, and Weyburn Soccer. I enjoyed working with you to further your goals, and I hope to support your organizations again in the future.

This year I also have taken an extended break from social media. It was to protect my mental and emotional health and it was extremely worthwhile. It has impacted Spark Solutions’ social media but it was a necessary trade off. But, I’ll be back on social media in 2022 and I have some exciting things in the works! Thank you for sticking with me while I reflect on the notable moments of 2021. I’m signing off to take some much-deserved holiday time. I wish you all an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to kicking things off again in the new year!

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