Governance & Organizational Management


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Good governance leads to success. When organizations focus on governance first, they run more efficiently, make better decisions, and ensure accountability. And when your organization runs better, it makes for better experience for everyone—from the boardroom to the field of play, all the way to the kitchen table. Whether you’re rebuilding your structure from the ground up or just need some refreshers and small tweaks, I can help you elevate your organizational management.

Board Structure

Do you know how your board is supposed to work? There are different types with different jobs, and I can help you determine which is right for you—and help you make a smooth transition from one to another.

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Strategic Direction

Deciding on a direction is a key part of a board’s job, but you don’t have to do it alone. Whether your last plan has gotten stale or it never existed in the first place, we can start the discussion now and help you put it into action.

Bylaws & Policies

Sometimes you need an outside perspective (or just a helping hand) to make sure documentation is in order. I’m here to help—from updates to brand new documents, we can match your bylaws and policies to your organization’s size and scope.

Board Training

Do you know what board members are supposed to do? When boards change—the structure or the people—it’s important that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. From the basics of good governance to fiduciary obligations, and everything in between, I can provide the training to get your board in its best shape.

Meeting Management

Do you want shorter, more productive meetings? I can help you build the processes to make board meetings efficient and fair. No more going in circles or one person dominating the floor!

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