A group of 8 women hold LEGO models up on a Zoom screen. The women are smiling. Team Building. Spark Solutions.

Team Building in a Virtual World

Virtual Holiday Parties

Last year, I announced that I was offering a new service- virtual holiday parties. With pandemic regulations as they were, I knew that many businesses would not be able to gather their staff together to celebrate. Gathering and celebrating is something we’ve all been missing this year. The answer? Team building through virtual holiday parties.

The Process

The organizer contacted me to select a date. They shared the theme and desired outcomes. I would pack the giftboxes and mail them out to the attendees. The holiday giftboxes included a small pack of LEGO, some sweet and savoury treats, and well wishes from the organization. We used the LEGO to build models and share our thoughts surrounding a specific topic. Unfortunately, there were some delays with Canada Post, and not all of the giftboxes arrived in time. Thankfully, the session worked with whatever creative material was available- markers and paper, Play Doh, building blocks, or LEGO from home. Creating and sharing was the most important thing.

A Spark Solutions gift box. The box contains a Spark Solutions business card, a small bag of snack chick peas, a candy cane, a small bag of candy, and a small bag of LEGO. Team Building. Spark Solutions.

I also prepared the materials and facilitated the two-hour session. We made introductions and did some warm up activities. Then we got busy with building models to respond to questions like “what was a highlight in 2020?” and “what are you looking forward to in 2021?”. We shared our responses, had laughs, related to each other, and celebrated.

Team Building

This product started as a virtual holiday party, but it can be so much more. It is a great way to achieve team building in a virtual world. The session itself can work for almost any topic, and can be held at any time.

Team Resiliency

I recently worked with a client and their 20 clients to explore resiliency in life and work, particularly in this fatiguing pandemic environment. The team explored what has brought them joy this year, how they’re staying creative in their work or life, and what they need to have a good day at work. The session provided some creative levity leading into the holiday break, allowed people to work across teams, and share both challenges and highlights in a friendly way.

A screenshot of a Zoom screen. Lara and 17 staff from an organization smile. Team Building. Spark Solutions
The Hopes and Dreams of Women Entrepreneurs

Another client, a group of female entrepreneurs, explored their goals and aspirations for 2021 and how they maintain balance between work and life. My personal favourite topic was “what possibilities do you imagine for your business in 2021?”. The responses were similar and the participants shared hope, determination, and joy. The attendees of this party enjoyed the opportunity to play, to relate to the common struggles of being an entrepreneur, and to share deep conversation through a tactile, entertaining method.

The Opportunity to Connect as a Team

For almost a year (11 months!), many organizations have been working remotely, spread geographically and situationally, in response to this pandemic. Many of us have paused or delayed important conversations because we underestimated how long this would go on. We’ve seen the impact this year has had on our employees, colleagues, and teams. It is possible to come together to enjoy our time, relate to each other, and have thoughtful conversations. It is possible to take a break and have fun. Book a team building session with Spark Solutions to make it possible.

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